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Residential Treatment

Our residential treatment program takes place in a comfortable, community setting providing structure and in-depth support to help you learn to live a comfortable life without drugs and alcohol. With the support of our experienced professionals and a group of peers who share similar struggles, you will learn skills to lead a healthy, sober lifestyle.

Outcomes Detox and Recovery Center employs the fundamental principles of client-centered care. Residential treatment is viewed as the foundation for the life changes necessary to maintain sobriety. Providing intensive, goal directed chemical dependency treatment is the first goal of care, the second is to prepare the client for appropriate follow up treatment. Staff members facilitate these goals through appropriate referrals, program design, motivational enhancement techniques and individualized after care planning.

With over 20 years of experience in the medical field, we can provide safe and effective medical care during your stay in our facilities in Brownsville, Tx.

Why recover in Brownsville, Tx?

Outcomes Detox and Recovery Center is a private medically managed drug and alcohol treatment facility located in Brownsville, Texas. We treat men and women 18 and older with any substance use disorder. With five neighboring airports, we are easily accessible.

We offer the highest quality of care in a medical facility without the discomfort of hospitalization.

Traveling to a new city or state can be the most effective option for recovery, as some cities may not have high quality treatment options available. Those who are willing to travel for treatment have access to hundreds of thousands of centers across the U.S., allowing them to be much more selective when choosing the best program for their needs.
Traveling for detox and recovery puts you in the mindset of taking a journey toward recovery, allowing you a fresh start somewhere new. For many, putting distance between themselves and their triggers helps reduce the desire to use again. Having that physical separation can reinforce your commitment to sobriety and the treatment plan.
Admission to our facilities is voluntary, meaning the person has the ability to leave at any time, if they choose. Being far away from home deflects some of the temptation to walk away from treatment, increasing the guests chances of completing the program.
For some, there is the concern and anxiety about the professional and social impact of addiction treatment. Many worry that if anyone finds out they went to treatment, they’ll be looked at differently, judged or even face professional consequences.

For this reason, privacy and discretion are very important. Traveling to a different city or state for treatment will reduce the chance of being recognized during the process.

The calm, harmonious environment of this tropical location, suggests a new perspective on life…a start over.

our program include
Our program includes:

⦿ Spiritual Directives
⦿ Client Centered Treatment
⦿ Holistic Approach
⦿ 12-Step Immersion
⦿ Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
⦿ Individual Treatment Planning
⦿ Acupuncture
⦿ Health Centered Nutrition, Exercise, Nature Therapy
Facilitating Comfort, Healing and Rejuvenation

Our clean, comfortable facilities and gorgeous South Texas climate are the perfect place for physically vulnerable clients to complete their detox and residential treatment programs. Our guests are monitored around the clock by qualified and compassionate staffing to address any potential medical emergencies and assess progress giving loved one’s peace of mind. In addition to an initial medical assessment prior to detox, clients are continuously evaluated by our physicians and clinicians who make recommendations regarding the release, or further care.

In addition, our facilities provide spacious rooms allowing all our clients to feel right at home. We encourage your friends and family to visit during specified visiting hours to help provide additional support during your treatment.

We believe it is important to introduce new activities that can help take the place of addiction(s), as well as offer the comforts of home. Mild temperatures, warm, calm water and a tropical climate creates the perfect ecosystem for migratory and exotic birds, sea turtles and fish to thrive in the area all year round making the South Texas Gulf Coast a perfect destination detox and residential treatment location.

Our Location

425 East Los Ebanos
Suite 108-109 Men’s Facility
Suite 110 Women’s Facility
Brownsville, Texas 78520