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Who Needs Substance Use Treatment
Who Needs Substance Use Treatment?

If you are abusing any substance to feel intoxicated then you may need to seek treatment. This is something you should not be discouraged about.
When your body becomes dependent on that substance you can build up a tolerance. With substance abuse, this is scary because the more you abuse the substance or alcohol, the more your body will need to produce its desired effects.

If you are struggling with substance abuse we suggest you consider an inpatient treatment facility so you can detox from the substance while under close medical attention.

Signs for You

⦿   Focusing more time and energy on getting the drug or alcohol
⦿   Not meeting work or school obligations because of your use
⦿   Needing more of the substance to get the same effect
⦿   Doing things to get the substance that you normally wouldn’t do (steal, lie, pawn)

Signs for a Loved One

⦿   Having problems or difficulties at school or work (falling asleep, skipping class or calling off, grades falling)
⦿   Having problems at work (late or missing work more frequently)
⦿   Changes in friends
⦿   Change in behaviors (staying out later, or sleeping more or less)
⦿   Going through money faster than usual, or asking for money more frequently

If you or a loved one is struggling with substance use disorder, we suggest you consider medical detox treatment and rehabilitation in our clinics so that you can be detoxify from the substance, while under medical supervision.

Detoxification from Drugs and Alcohol
Safe, Compassionate Medical Detoxification from Drugs and Alcohol

The detox process is among the most physically and emotionally challenging stages of substance abuse and addiction treatment. It involves a complete restoration of clients’ bio-chemistry through the expulsion of residual drug and alcohol-related toxins from the system. Detox is accompanied by a variety of withdrawal symptoms, and requires expert professional management from qualified professionals.

Unfortunately, many treatment facilities are not equipped to effectively meet the complex detox needs of all clients. Poor-quality detox programs often prevent clients who are genuinely interested in recovery, through no fault of their own and to relapse form a negative or defeatist attitude towards treatment.

Outcomes Detox & Recovery Center’s addiction treatment program offers first-class medically supervised detox and expert withdrawal symptom management to meet the diverse needs of men and women.

What is a Medical Detoxification?

Inpatient detox with a custom treatment plan provides comfort and safety with a qualified medical doctor and nurses, and 24/7 monitoring. Along with our medically managed detox process, we offer a traditional 12 step holistic recovery program.

Advantages of Inpatient Detoxification

Patients for whom outpatient detoxification is not appropriate become candidates for inpatient detoxification. Inpatient settings offer the advantages of constant medical care and supervision provided by a professional staff and the easy availability of treatment for serious complications. In addition, such settings prevent patient access to alcohol and offer separation from the substance-using environment.

Medical detox for drug and alcohol abuse can vary. You may expect 24-hour supervision by a qualified physician during the entire detox process.
Inpatient detox
Inpatient detox

is performed in our specialized facilities in Brownsville, Texas.

Gender Specific Treatment

We are keenly aware of the unique physical and mental health issues that each gender faces during their recovery. Gender-specific programs allow emotionally vulnerable clients to focus on their healing and develop the trust with their doctors that is necessary to successfully complete treatment. There is substantial evidence indicating the comparative effectiveness of same-sex programs versus today’s programs. Specific benefits of same-sex treatment include, but are not limited to:

⦿   Expert care for gender-specific withdrawal symptoms
⦿   Safe, supportive and comfortable healing environment
⦿   Elimination of sexual or intimacy-related distractions
⦿   Opportunity for clients to facilitate bonds and rebuild trust

Many patients experience trauma involving the opposite sex during the heights of their addictions and damages their ability to form healthy relationships. Same-sex programs allows clients to stabilize their bodies without disruption so they can address their psychological issues in a subsequent rehab program.

Gender Specific Treatment
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