An intensive outpatient (IOP) treatment program, consists of regularly scheduled sessions of structured addiction treatment and mental health counseling. Addiction and co-occurring mental health issues have varying levels of care that correspond to a gradual ability to live life without the desire for drugs or alcohol. 

The IOP for substance use is a step down from the level of intensity typically provided at residential treatment.  You will spend up to ten hours (over at least three days a week) in a structured setting with support of licensed professionals. 

An IOP may be appropriate for individuals who have completed detoxification and residential treatment, so they can continue to receive the support of treatment programming,  while not requiring the need of 24 hour supervision as with residential treatment. This level of treatment may also be suitable for individuals that do not need inpatient treatment.  Outpatient treatment for drugs and alcohol is ideal for those already on the journey of recovery and are ready to return to work, or other responsibilities and need additional support with this transition.

Addiction recovery is a process that requires change. If you know someone who could benefit from help with substance use issues or a dual diagnosis, call us today for more information about our intensive outpatient treatment and the levels of care available.

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