Are you ready to start treatment for opiate use?  We are currently accepting new patients, and can see most patients the same day you call.

The first step to recovery is making the choice to begin treatment.


Addiction is a disease of relapse, but there is help available.  You are not your disease.  Don’t lose hope if you have had failed recovery attempts in the past.  Suboxone can control cravings, eliminate the effects of withdrawal and make the process of maintaining recovery easier.  You are not defined by your past.  The choices you make today, and everyday, determine your future.

The goal of medication-assisted treatment is to recover from addiction. It does NOT replace one addictive drug with another. It provides a safe, controlled level of medication to overcome the use of a problem opioid.


Opioid addiction is a chronic disease, like heart disease or diabetes. A chronic disease is a medical condition for life. It cannot be cured, but it can be managed. A person with addiction can regain a healthy, productive life.

It’s nearly impossible to discontinue using opiates long term, without help. Over time your body becomes dependent on opiates to function. In addition, you develop a tolerance, meaning that your body requires more and more opiates to get the same effect you used to get with a lesser amount. When you discontinue using the opiates, you spiral into withdrawal, making caring for yourself difficult. Because of the changes in the brain that take place from opiate use, most with a history of opiate addiction start using again, even after making it through a successful withdrawal. There is help available. Call us now for more information.


Addiction is a treatable disease. We use a combination of both counseling and medication to treat substance abuse. In addition to reducing your cravings with the use of suboxone, on-going counseling will help to improve your coping abilities.

The person who takes buprenorphine feels normal, not high.  The brain thinks it is receiving the problem opioid, so withdrawal symptoms stay away.


Our compassion physician and qualified clinical staff are committed to helping you.

During your first visit, you will meet with the physician for an assessment.  Our physician has specialized training for the prescribing of Suboxone.  He will evaluate you, and determine the best course of treatment.

The physician along with the treatment team will create your individualized treatment plan with suboxone or another prescribed product.

Pick up the prescription from the pharmacy and begin treatment.  As the medication begins working, you will notice your withdrawal symptoms and cravings are controlled.

Attend scheduled sessions with a counselor and regular follow up visits with the physician to ensure the medication is working properly, and for your prescription refills. The physician will assess your progress and make adjustments to your medication, as needed.


Our program is affordable and is designed to allow you to continue with your regular activities and commitments, including work. You do not need to take time off for hospitalization or inpatient treatment. The cost of visits can be paid for by  cash or credit card. Payment for prescriptions is made directly at the pharmacy. Patients will benefit financially once they start treatment. Treatment costs less than the average expense of maintaining the drug use.

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